Protecting Your Minor Children With a Revocable Trust

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Estate planning has many key objectives, but in my opinion, the most important of them all is the protection of vulnerable beneficiaries – especially minor children. I have met with and personally know many of young parents who are homeowners who have some savings, retirement and a term life insurance policy, and yet have not done any estate planning.  It cannot be stated strongly enough that is more important for those parents to plan their […]

The Revocable Transfer on Death Deed- Analysis of California AB 139

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Effective as of January 1, 2016, the State of California now allows the use of a revocable transfer on death deed (“TOD deed”) to convey an individual’s interest in certain real property to specifically named beneficiaries upon the individual’s death without the need for formal probate proceedings. The legislative purpose behind this bill is essentially to provide a simplified method for transferring real property to an individual’s chosen beneficiaries without probate. This has historically been […]